We have compiled for you the answers to the common questions asked by our customers over the years,
Hoping that they will give you a quick and clear answer.

You can cancel the order by sending a message to the email info@priz.co.il until 11:00 on the business day before the day of the order. The customer must verify that the email was received.

All of our popsicles are kosher parve Lemehadrin from Rabbinate of Hadera and without fear of shmitah.


All our popsicles are preservative-free and food coloring-free.

All our popsicles are vegan.

Beyond the fact that we have the greatest experience and seniority in Israel in the production and marketing of natural popsicles, our countless returning and loyal customers prove that our popsicles are the tastiest and healthiest.

of course☺ You can pick up your order from one of our branches.

If one of our flavor runs out of stock , we will contact you to complete the order (you can choose alternative flavors and even cancel the order if you wish).

Of course ☺ Our company specializes in supplying popsicles for businesses, events, weddings, etc.

for sure☺ You can add to your order a cooling box if needed that allows the popsicles to be transported/stored without refrigeration for about 3 hours (without exposure to direct sunlight*). Don’t worry, we won’t leave you without a solution! If there is a special need for transportation/Epson for a longer time, you can contact us to adjust the solution.

For any problem, you can contact us at info@priz.co.il or at tel. 04-6325552.

The minimum order through the website is 99 NIS (when ordering on the day of the distribution, the minimum order is 200 NIS) and as part of it you can of course choose which flavors you want. For a smaller order, you are welcome to contact one of our branches or one of our hundreds of points of sale.

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For any problem in this matter, please contact us as soon as possible to the email info@priz.co.il or to the phone number 04-6325552 .

You can get our popsicles at our branches in Netanya and Tel Aviv and at hundreds of selling points in various stores throughout the country.

Our popsicles are free of allergens, except for popsicles that contain coconut and the flavours with no coconut may contain coconut. Our production line is gluten and dairy free [without GMP approval]

The popsicles are produced in our Factory in Hadera.

The amount of calories obviously depends on the size of the popsicle (regular/mini) and the type of fruit the popsicle contains. The amount of calories in each popsicle appears in the list of our flavors.

Our popsicles come in two sizes: regular (80g) and mini (30g).

If you are interested in marketing/selling our popsicles, please email info@priz.co.il or call 04-6325552 .

If you felt that you did not receive an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@priz.co.il or send a message