Our story

We tasted them for the first time on the magical beaches and colorful streets of Mexico. It was immediately clear to us that we must bring these popsicles to us in Israel.

We started small… we brewed the first popsicles in my mother’s kitchen and in 2007 we already opened a small production room that very quickly expanded into a modern factory, 2 branches (in Tel Aviv and Netanya), hundreds of sales points spread throughout the country and thousands of customers who return to us again and again and again…

Our popsicles are made of about 50% fruit (and selected flavors up to about 80% fruit), water and a little sugar. No preservatives, no food colors and no chemicals or synthetic substances of any kind. How simple, how delicious.
Our popsicles are produced in a unique and fast freezing process that optimally preserves the nutritional values of the fruits from which they are made. Our popsicles are natural, vegan, have a low caloric value and are kosher (fur kosher in the kosher of the Hadera rabbinate).

Among our clients, embassies, the leading catering companies and event halls in Israel, the leading party producers, the coolest hi-tech companies and many large and small businesses and of course also many private clients.

You will receive our popsicles in a fancy styrofoam case that knows how to keep the popsicles even at the beach, in the pool and on a trip for up to 3 hours (not in direct sunlight or extreme heat).
That’s how it is when the popsicle is made of real fruit, it melts little by little…
So get ready for an experience that will tickle your taste buds and take you away for a moment to the magical beaches of Mexico.

Welcome to Mexico