Priz website Natural fruit popsicles (hereinafter: “the site“), is a website on the Internet which is also a virtual store for the purchase of products and services by the public surfing the Internet in Israel. The owner of the website is the company Shivnis Ltd. (hereinafter: “the company“). These regulations are the legal basis for bookings and surfing the website and it is the only one that regulates the relationship between the company and the surfer on the website and/or the person ordering through the website (hereinafter: “the user” or “the customer“).
Performing an action on the website constitutes an agreement that the user has read the website regulations, understood its content and is subject to the provisions of the regulations, its rules and agrees to their applicability. The user and/or anyone on his behalf shall not have any claim and/or claim against the company and/or the owners of the site and/or its operators and/or anyone on their behalf other than claims for breach of obligations subject to the regulations above and below.

1. General

1.1. Browsing the website and/or purchasing products offered for sale on it, constitutes the customer’s agreement to accept and act according to the regulations. Therefore, if the customer does not agree to any of its terms, he is asked not to make any use of the website.
1.2. The use of the website is subject to the laws of the State of Israel. The website services must be used for legal purposes only.
1.3. Wherever in these regulations the feminine is used, it also means the masculine and vice versa.
1.4. The headings on the website are provided for the user’s convenience and orientation and will not be used to interpret the regulations.
1.5. The website as a whole – including all information on the website (including information accessed through the website), the content, the underlying software, the accompanying software, and every part of the website – is served and made available to the customer as is (“AS IS”). The use of the website and its services (including all services but not limited to them) will be done at the sole and full responsibility of the customer and does not create any relationships between him and the company that go beyond those detailed in these terms of use.
1.6. The company reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to the website and/or services, and the uses provided on the website and/or these terms of use (including, among others, adding and/or subtracting from any material published on the website, redesigning it, replacing its contents), at any time reason, without any need to notify in advance and without any responsibility on her part.
1.7. The prices of the products include VAT according to the law.
1.8. The company’s computer records only, regarding the actions carried out through the site, will be prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions.
1.9. The customer may use the website for personal purposes only. It is absolutely forbidden to use the website and/or any part of it, of any kind, for any purpose other than for personal and non-commercial use except with prior written approval from the company.

2. Making an order

2.1. Submission of false information by a customer when ordering from the website is a criminal offense and the person who does so is expected to take criminal and legal proceedings against him.
2.2. The user is the owner of a valid credit card, issued by a financial institution and/or a banking institution and/or the credit card companies authorized to do so by law and/or pays through PAY PAL.
2.3. In the event that the transaction was not approved by the credit company, the customer will receive an appropriate notification. In order to complete the purchase, the customer will be required to contact his credit company in order to arrange the authorization to carry out the transaction. It will be clarified and emphasized, an action will be considered complete only after the approval of the credit company / PAY PAL for the transaction.
2.4. The customer will order the type of case requested. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the number of popsicles (in the choice of flavors) he has chosen matches the type of box he ordered. Removal/addition of popsicles in the event of an over/under order will be done at the discretion of the company.
2.5. The sale here of products at a predetermined price published on the website and subject to stock.
2.6. In the event of a shortage of flavor(s), and if the list of flavors available on the website has not yet been updated and a customer’s order has been placed, including the missing flavor(s), a representative of the company will inform the customer of the matter and allow him to update the order or cancel it, all in accordance with the customer’s request. If contact is not made with the customer, the company will be entitled to provide replacements for missing products at its discretion. It will be clarified that beyond the remedy of correcting/cancelling the order as detailed above, the customer will not have any additional claim or demand.
2.7. The company has the right not to approve a customer’s order for any reason and at its sole discretion, including but not limited to the following reasons: intentionally entering incorrect details, debt, violation of this agreement, blocked credit card, act that may harm the website and/or the management of the website and/ or on a third party and/or for any other reason the company deems appropriate at its sole discretion.
2.8. Confirmation of an order through the website – will be received in two ways: confirmation of placing an order and confirmation from the clearing company of making the payment.
2.9. The company will be entitled to cancel an order, provided that it notifies the customer until 18:00 on the business day preceding the round day.
A customer may cancel an order and/or change it no later than 18:00 on the business day preceding the requested delivery day. The company may refuse to cancel a delivery after this time and charge the customer full payment.
The company will not be responsible for the cancellation of an order and/or delay in delivery which result from force majeure and/or a delay beyond its control and/or responsibility.
It is clarified that the cancellation of a transaction is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 2010-2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 2010-1981.

3. Shipments

3.1. The order will be considered complete and will be included in the delivery round only if the products have been ordered and the credit card payment has been approved.
3.2. The service provided within the framework of the website is granted within the boundaries of the State of Israel and only in certain areas defined from time to time by the company at its sole discretion (hereinafter: ” Mission Area “). The customer must check if a certain courier is in the delivery area.
3.3. It will be clarified that, notwithstanding the above, the company has the exclusive right to change the delivery area from time to time without prior notice and all without prejudice to the order made and confirmed before the delivery area was changed.
3.4. The orders for the weekly delivery round through the website will be completed by the customer until 18:00 before the requested delivery day. The company does not undertake to deliver orders that come in after this time in the same day’s round and they will be postponed to the next round, also the minimum for an order on the day of the distribution is 200 NIS, orders for the day of the distribution that are ordered for less than 200 NIS will be canceled.
3.5. The customer, or someone on his behalf over the age of 18, must be at home on the day of the round and at the specified hours to receive the shipment. In the event that the customer is not at home or there is no one on his behalf who is allowed to receive the shipment and no other delivery address has been provided within the distribution area, the company may leave the shipment at the customer’s door. The sole responsibility arising from leaving products at the door, as mentioned above, will be the customer’s.
3.6. The customer must check the contents of the shipment upon receipt and make a comparison with both the order and the invoice sent to him at the time of ordering. In the event that an incompatibility of the products is discovered following the aforementioned inspection or in another case of dissatisfaction on the part of the customer with regard to the products supplied, the customer must notify the company of this within 24 hours after the date of delivery. The company will coordinate with the customer the completion/exchange/return of the product(s) and/or the debit/credit of the customer, as appropriate and as required by any law.
3.7. If the product did not reach the customer at the delivery time specified on the website, then the customer undertakes to notify the company immediately. If the customer is not interested in waiting for the product to arrive at an alternative delivery date, then the company undertakes to return to the customer the payment he paid for the subject product and in accordance with checking the correctness of the complaint in the company’s records and beyond that the customer will not have any additional claims and/or demands.
3.8. At the option of the user, in accordance with the instructions on the website and advance notice at the time of ordering, to receive the products purchased on the website at one of the chain stores by self-collection. Collection at the network stores will be through user identification, order confirmation, power of attorney in the case of a representative and the presentation of the credit card with which the order was made and/or confirmation from the credit card company/payment method PAY PAL (proof of payment).

4. The product

4.1. The images of the products displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not obligate the website management at all.
4.2. The company does not undertake to keep stock of all the products whose pictures appear on the website and the customer must rely on the list of available products only.
4.3. The company may update the prices of the products on the website and the shipping rates from time to time and without the need for prior notice. The valid price in relation to the order placed by the customer is the price published at the time of completing the order process (which includes the delivery of credit card information). If the prices were updated before the order process was completed, the customer will be charged according to the updated prices.
4.4. The company will do its best to make sure that the information presented on the website is the most complete and accurate information, but it will be clarified that mistakes, inaccuracies or errors may appear in it and the company will not bear any responsibility arising from or related to them.
4.5. There may be mistakes and/or inconsistencies in the labeling of the products.
4.6. Allergens / gluten – read what appears on the product before using it.
4.7. The company does not guarantee that the contents of the site will be complete and/or accurate. It is emphasized that the most detailed and up-to-date information regarding the products is the information that appears on their packaging. It is clarified that the use of the information on the website is the sole responsibility of the surfers. The company will not bear any responsibility towards the surfers, including for the use and/or reliance on the information contained therein. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that the information on the website is not considered professional and/or medical advice of any kind and is not intended to be used as such.

5. Content accessibility on the Internet

The company operated in accordance with the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli standard 5568 “Guidelines – for the accessibility of content on the Internet” to level AA. This Israeli standard is identical to the guidelines document of the international organization that deals with standards on the web – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. It is important for us to emphasize that, despite our efforts to make all pages on the website accessible, parts of the website may be discovered that are not yet accessible. We continue our efforts to improve the site’s accessibility as part of our commitment to enable its use by the entire population, including people with disabilities.