Only Health

Our popsicles are the real thing.

They preserve the long-standing tradition of producing natural popsicles as they were once intended to be produced – before the industrialized food industry and before preservatives and synthetics.

Popsicles that are nature’s frozen delicacy. Refreshing, colorful, insanely delicious and without qualms.

Our popsicles are all natural, vegan and contain up to 80% fruit. No flavors and colors and no preservatives at all. So you can always be calm when you enjoy them or pamper your loved ones.

“Mom there’s something sweet…”

As parents, we often divide between the desire to pamper our children (and buy some peace☺ ) and the strictness and maintenance of their diet and health. Our popsicles close the corner.
And the truth is, it’s so genius that the kids fly on our popsicles. They are happy about the popsicle and we close the corner that at least they are eating something healthy.

The quality of the raw materials is immediately felt in our popsicles. At FruitZ, we use only quality fruits so that the vitamins and nutritional values are preserved during the production and freezing process.

The entire preparation process is carried out to the highest standards and meets the strictest standards of the Ministry of Health.

Everyone who has tasted knows – after you have tasted our vegan popsicles made from natural fruits and without food coloring or preservatives, you will never go back to industrial popsicles, promise!