This is how we do it

Our popsicles are made with love and by hand.
Each popsicle is one piece

Immediately upon entering our boutique factory, where we “dispense” the mixture for popsicles, the head spins from the intoxicating smell of the fruits and the eyes are dazzled by the multitude of fruit colors that crowd the bowls.

So how do we do it?

On the face of it, it’s really simple. You take fruit, peel, cut, add water and a little sugar, mainly to emphasize the flavors and then the magic begins – the mixing…

The mixing will determine the texture of the popsicle, and if you’ve already tasted our popsicles, you already know – it’s not exactly ice, it’s not exactly ice cream. It’s a fruit Z!

How seriously do we take mixing?
Suffice it to tell you that we have only one person in charge of mixing since we actually started, who learned the art of mixing from the masters in Mexico and he and he alone mixes all the concoctions for our popsicles.

This is the time to transfer the mixtures to molds and freeze.

The quick freezing process at a low temperature is critical for determining the texture and taste on the one hand and maintaining the nutritional values and vitamins in the fruits on the other hand.

This! It’s time to put in the packaging and the popsicles are on their way to you.

We said, simple ☺

Of course we meet all the strictest standards of the Ministry of Health and our production hall works to the highest standards and is controlled by the most advanced means.

If you’ve tasted it, you also know – there are no such popsicles!