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Want some Priz popsicles and don’t have the energy to go outside in the heat? Order now!

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Priz selling points

You can find our popsicles in stores throughout the country, and also at our branches!

Nice to meet you, Priz!

We first tasted them on the magical beaches and colorful streets of Mexico. It was immediately clear to us that we had to bring these popsicles to Israel.

Events with Priz

Weddings, birthdays, happy hours, conferences, seminars, shows, “Sweet Thursdays for employees” From exclusive and intimate events to huge events, we are here for you to give you our popsicle experience!


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We invite you to enjoy a fascinating reading of our blogs on various topics.
Everything you need to know about popsicles, health and the combination of them.
Choosing fruits as the most natural and high-quality raw materials because in today’s era dessert can be both healthy, refreshing and pampering.

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